After 4 weeks my experience still shows Default recommendations, how can I fix my game's SEO metadata?

I’m trying to understand how to get my experience to show up on the search results. I launched a game for the Vietnamese community on Roblox. It’s been about 3-4 weeks since launch, I’ve been hopeful and patient since then, until now. I have amassed 150k visits thanks to Vietnamese youtubers and their direct links, I have 88% thumbs up, but my players are still complaining that they can’t search my game. Daytime in Vietnam I get up to 200 concurrent players, for context (of which i’m positive either come from outside youtube links or returnees). It’s even more obvious something’s wrong because my game’s recommendation consists of unrelated default recommendations weeks after launch, so I believe the website has no truly idea how to categorize my game. Since it’s not a Vietnam war game, the website doesn’t know what to do. I’ve done everything, from updated descriptions, translations, to changing the name. I really can’t afford to make a new experience because so many youtube videos are linked this this experience. It seems unfair and low key racist that if people search Vietnam they will only find war related games. Other countries like Thailand and the Philippines don’t have this problem, searching their country names in english yield relevant results even games that have no english in the title or description. Searching my game word for word yields irrelevant results. I believe my country of Vietnam is missing important metadata tags associated with our country/people/language like other countries have due to ‘Vietnam’ being associated with war games. If that is the case, that is very dehumanizing.

My game: Vietnam Hangout - Roblox
Doesn’t show up on search results for related tags or even searching exactly the experience’s name. The website also recommends unrelated games weeks after launch

A similar hangout game from Thailand with no search result problems, and the recommended tab shows other thailand/thai language related games. Vietnamese games don’t have essential ecosystem

A similar hangout game from Malaysia, with no search result problems and the recommended tab shows other related Malay/Malaysian language related games.

A similar hangout game from Philippines, with no search result problems and the recommended tab shows other related Filipino/Tagalog related games.

There is a huge player base of Vietnamese Roblox players too, I think we deserve metadata tags just like any other country

you know games commonly have missions or an objective. If yours doesn’t have it, put it on, I don’t play it but I put it in favorites.