After deleting StarterCharacter, my character doesn't load

I made a really simple StarterCharacter and put it inside of the StarterPlayer folder. It kind of worked (StarterPlayer properties don’t apply to it apparently), but when i delete it or take it out of the folder, my normal avatar doesn’t load. Instead, it appears as a grey default character.

I’m really new to the Forum and Scripting, so I apologize if I’m posting in the wrong category, but since there are no errors relating to the Player or Character, I thought it was a bug.

I’ve tried changing the Avatar Settings between Player Choice and R15, but it didn’t work. Searching for this “bug” I’ve found out that LoadCharacter is a thing, but apparently it doesn’t work anymore…? So I really don’t know what to do…

What my avatar looks like


What the test Character looks like


What happens when I take the StarterCharacter model out of the StarterPlayer Folder


This might be a roblox bug. You should report this is #platform-feedback


But more information on how the game works would help

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To be honest, there isn’t much to it. It’s just a game I created to start learning how to script. There are some features like swords, currency etc, but I don’t remember adding anything (besides the StarterCharacter) that would interfere the characters appearance.

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I’m not able to :frowning:

I tested to put a custom starter character and then delete It and actually worked for me. May I check the code you’re using to delete the Character?

There are some character properties like CanCollide, that can’t be changed, which properties are you trying to change?

If you wanted to change the look for your character without deleting the StarterCharacter you can use the Humanoid Description API where it will give you freedom to change your character to however you’d like.

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Deleting I mean ACTUALLY deleting it, by selecting the model itself (not in-game) and pressing delete(but I guess if you just manually take it out of the StarterPlayer folder it would have the same result). I tested creating a StarterCharacter in a new test Game, and I didn’t have the same problem, after deleting the character, my avatar came back as normal.

I was trying to change the WalkSpeed, wich didn’t work. But searching for it I found a script that would do it :

local newWalkspeed = 20

	character:WaitForChild("Humanoid").WalkSpeed = 20

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Okay, that’s probably a bug, report it here #platform-feedback:studio-bugs.

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I’ll look more into that, looks helpful. But the problem was my character not coming back. Thanks for the help anyways!

Ok, but since I can’t change the category (I think it’s because I’m just a Member), do you think I should just copy the original post and re-post it there?

If this is a bug, I think there wouldn’t be so much problem on reposting it.

Ok, I’ll do that. Thanks for the help!

When you play the game can you see a Instance called “StarterHumanoid” under the Starterplayer?

There’s this. But this humanoid is the one that originally was inside of the model, so I renamed it and put i there. Before that, there was no “StarterHumanoid”

I think there is no need of making a “StarterHumanoid”, you can just let that humanoid into the StarterCharacter

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Does it work now? If it doesn’t then it is probably a bug because Roblox isn’t good with handling characters sometimes.

Unfortunately, no. The StarterCharacter works “fine”. But if I try to go back to my own avatar (taking it out of StarterPlayer) I still come out as that gray default character

Maybe try getting a copy of your character put it into ReplicatedStorage and then when you want to go back to your own avatar then you could clone it to the Starterplayer?