After the latest update, Consider.constant throttles hard

So basically after the latest update, this code block should not throttle:

local shouldBeConst = 1;
consider:that(shouldBeConst):shouldbe("constant" or consider.constant);
-- Throttles hard and crashes studio.
int main(void) {
   mfd::consider* consider12
   while (!consider12) return 0;
   unsigned char* shouldBeConst = new unsigned char(1); // mov byte ptr [REG-0x2],0x1
   consider12->that(shouldBeConst)->shouldbe('constant' || consider12::constant); // call ADDR; mov _consider.__cache (ADDR),byte ptr [REG-0x2]

Yet it throttles now, any ideas put them below

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Try updating to the consider12 beta, this will prevent this but may show other bugs

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