Again risk "(Removed for copyright)" Music Classics

something happened wrong because this classical music was not a bad thing, whatever the old singers are not inappropriate for example Elvis Presley something else.

and what time to Remove to (Removed for copyright)?

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Elvis Presley’s music is copyrighted, it makes sense if it the audio was taken down for copyright.


They have copyrights as well?

Santa Claus by Elvis Presley’s copyrighted.


And why did Roblox not like Vintage American music, why does it say “(Removed for copyright)”?
roblox are Since Banned By Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, The Andrew Sisters, Perry Como, And The Other Old Singers, or no?


I tried, the music is Here’s comes santa claus - Elvis Presley

of course I am, I’m in Ro Vintage Community

You didn’t have premission from the copyright owner to use the song which is most likely why it was removed. I don’t know who the copyright owner is, but you would of needed to approach them and do stuff to be able to use it.

Now if you did have premission to use it, then you would need to contact Roblox with proof that you have premission upload, but I’m not this is how it’s done, and you never mentioned you did.


this is a hoax. because you can permissions the ancients of singers.

That’s either because a. they’re public free music, or b. their copyright ran out. Elvis Presley and the other singers you mentioned still have their copyrights active, and they wont run out for a very, very long time.

No, it’s not? If there wasn’t copyright, people would plagiarize a bunch of other people’s stuff without a lot of consequence.


This is not a hoax. You cannot use other’s intellectual property without consent. You can read more here:


Just saying.


Please message the Developer Relations Team for inquiries and resolutions regarding claimed music. The forum can’t exactly help you with this issue.

More information:

Copyrights are a real thing, they are rules to regulate content on the use, distribution, adaptation etc.

Firstly, copyright is a serious concept, I even have my own content uploaded by someone else where I have called a DMCA takendown. IP content should be respected. Secondly, copyrights sometimes have licenses allowing you to use the IP, but limited to the agreement of the license. Finally, public domains are either the creator’s choice or expiration of copyright, according to law.

Usually you have to contact the copyright holders in order to permit yourself to use it, be aware of that sometimes you can’t commercialize it due to license agreements. Licenses sometimes cost your a little of your fortune to actually obtain, they are proof that you were allowed to use it.

Regardless of how “classic” something is, copyright must be respected in beforehand.

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