Agenda's Timezone?

I’m confused about what timezone to follow for RDC’s agenda. The website with the full agenda has no timezone listed, so I would be inclined to think I should follow PDT, since the event is in San Fransisco. However, the ticket confirmation email I got listed the same start/stop times, except under EDT.

Which one is correct?

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The timezone of the times provided in the agenda are very likely to be the local times at which the events are taking place. PDT for San Francisco and BST for the London Viewing party.


Maybe when you made your ticket it calculated your own timezone?

sorry for making it a reply to the wrong person

That could be very true; the London event viewing page livestreams the keynotes at 17:30, whilst they take place in California at 09:30. That accounts for the 8-hour time difference between the two regions.


RDC London


This proves @Wingz_P’s point in my mind. Thanks guys!

I still think Roblox should probably make this a bit more clear on the website, however.

I don’t think that’s a significant issue to not include the time zone, and even I’m pedantic about the way time zones are indicated.