Agents of Time: Frigid Arcadia - Credits

Agents of Time: Frigid Arcadia is an Easter adventure game that revolves around a quest to resume the time in the Eggverse.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make this game and contributed to make it accessible to as many Roblox players as possible. We really appreciate it!

Coinfull - Programmer,
Techoye - Builder, 3D Artist,
Sir_S - 3D Asset Contributor,
LUNLX - Game Icon Designer,
iTzEmail - Game Logo Designer,
ObedientMas - Egg Creator,
Chris12902 - Egg Creator,
Lucaduke - Egg Creator,
Younite - Twitter Hype Account Manager,
…And many more that were involved with promoting and contributing to the legitimacy of the game.

Localization Credits:

LeanLX - Spanish Localization,
Flycarl - Swedish Localization,
Franekmin - Polish Localization,
alexboomboom007 - Italian Localization,
YourSenpai_o3o - Russian Localization,
bricktide - French Localization,
ahmeteminbas - Turkish Localization,
thenewelijah - Filipino Localization,
wariosuper - Dutch Localization,
Trxzz0 - Romanian Localization,
Techoye - Latvian Localization.