Aguamania About Page

Welcome to the Aguamania Roblox Group About Page here you can find most of the information about the group. :warning:Note This page is constantly being updated: :warning:

About Us

Aguamania is a growing community that thrives to bring a group to people all over Robloxia. The name “Aguamania” is like our own creative group. The group is a “hangout type” group where people can join, make friends, play fan games, and much more!

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Roles & Jobs

The list of available roles and jobs that you can apply for are and what they do,

  • :tshirt:Clothing Designers (Designs Clothing)

  • :hammer:Developers (Make Games)

  • :musical_note:Music Creator (Create Audio)

  • :apple::kiwi_fruit::grapes:Farmers {ROLEPLAY} (Grow food)

  • :crossed_swords:Warriors {ROLEPLAY} (Fight for The Group)

  • :heavy_plus_sign:Recruiters (Recruit People to The Group)

  • :male_detective:Secret Agent {ROLEPLAY} (Gathers intel around the Metaverse)

  • :sparkles: Group Moderator (Manage the Group Wall)

  • :man_cook:Chefs {ROLEPLAY} (Cook Food)

  • :art:GFX Artists (Creates GFX for the group)


Contact :iphone:
There is currently only four ways to message MoonMinerhead.

  • DM on Discord

  • Message on Dev Forum

  • Message on ROBLOX

  • DM on Instagram

Discord is MoonMinerhead#3340

Instagram is moonminerhead`


Here are some frequently asked questions (:grey_question: :grey_question: :grey_question: )

  • Q: What does “Aguamania” mean?

  • A: Aguamania is a made up word for group.

  • Q: How can I rank up in the group?

  • A: You rank up depending on how active you are.

  • Q: How do I apply for GFX or Logo designer?

  • A: You can DM me on either Discord, message me on ROBLOX, tell me on the group wall, or DM me on the DevForum.

  • Q: When was the group founded?

  • A: The group was founded on 08/25/20.

If you have any additional questions, please ask on the group wall. :grin:

:robux_gold: If you enjoy this community, please consider donating or buying merch.Thanks! :smiley: