AI Learns to play football!

So in the past 3 days i’ve been making a football AI since my brother likes to play soccer. It is actually quite fun but some times making me frustrating. However I would like you to test it out for a bit! test it out here! Also the average goal time is about 1-6 minutes!

I need feedback so that i can improve the AI!

Thanks for reading!


The AI works well. I don’t know why you can change the shirt ID and why the UI on the sides are humongous but I am guessing thats a work in progress and your mainly focussing on the AI. I don’t know what feedback I can give you but I know that it works well.


The AI is very good. I recommend you change the npc humanoid walk speeds slightly so the AI will act more complex. Or maybe the AI can dance when they score. Overall, there’s nothing wrong with the AI and everything looks good quality.