Aiden_12114's Portfolio


Swasdi (Hello In Thai)! My name is Aiden and I’m a scripter, UI Designer and Discordia Bot Coder! I have scripted for 2 years on the Roblox Platform and i’m learning new things every day. I have also just started to learn about Discordia which is a development platform for Discord Bots.

What I Do

I can do multiple things! An example is Lua Scripting (Which Is Roblox Scripting) in which is the most easy language for me to learn (Since It’s Sort Of Like English).

I have created a list with everything I can do!

  • Roblox Scripting (Lua)
  • Discordia Discord Bot (Lua Discord Bot)
  • UI Designing (Not Good :rofl:)
  • Graphical Design (Not The Best :rofl:)


Now, I have worked on quite a lot of projects. Most of them are abandoned now because, i’m always creating new projects. These are my current published projects.

Scale UI
AdminSystems - (Abandoned)


Hello! Thanks for reading my portfolio! Feel free to contact me in PMs or in Replies also, on Discord Aiden_12114#0001 :smiley:
Also, please only reply if you’re hiring, vouching or going to write a nice reply. Thanks :slight_smile:


Add a discord, that would be better.

Add pictures so that people could have a better interest in your portfolio. I would like to have an interest to yours, but I can’t be aware how good your projects are.

Hey, I found your portfolio from one of your threads and wanted to provide some constructive criticism.

It’s really cool that you’re passionate about learning Roblox Lua and providing resources to help the less experienced developers, but would like to mention a couple things in hopes to help you improve:

  • Scale UI: Although this is a cool and helpful project, I feel you could make this a lot more original as you already mention that your project is exactly the same as this: AutoScale Lite - Roblox

    Taking an existing project and making it your own Roblox plugin isn’t fair use.

  • AdminSystems: I actually originally found you from this project; although I appreciate the intention to help developers, as we have discussed, I’d recommend open sourcing your projects to build trust with other developers.

    Developers don’t really appreciate having hidden code being added to their games, especially if that gives you permissions without them knowing. It’s best to be upfront and honest with people when providing your service(s).

I’d like to see some more projects by you, ideally open source as well, so people can see your code and be able to see you improve and learn over time. Your code and the way you present yourself is what helps people hire you :slight_smile: