airYellow Handbook

Thank you for taking the time to read airYellow’s handbook! Here, you can find important information about our group.

Staff Rules
  1. No trolling or exploiting will be tolerated.
  2. Treat everyone with respect.
  3. Arrive on-time to flights (10 minutes before check-in opens).
  4. Do not abuse your commands (admin abusing).
  5. Have fun!
Passenger Rules
  1. No trolling or exploiting will be tolerated.
  2. Treat everyone with respect.
  3. Do not complain that you missed a flight, you can always attend the next one!
  4. Do not ask for your application to be read.
  5. Do not mess with airport equipment (stairs, pushback, ect,.).
  6. Sit in the correct class.
  7. Have Fun! Thanks for choosing airYellow!
Airport Procedure

Once you enter the airport, you will head to check-in. A staff member will check you in, and give directions if needed. Pass through security, and find your gate. Please stay seated at the gate unless you’re heading to a lounge/restaurant.
Once boarding starts, take a seat until your class is called. Boarding with the wrong class will result in a removal from the server. You can find what class is boarding with the boarding screens located by each gate.
Once your class is called, make your way to the airplane. Please board peacefully, not running and pushing.
Please pick a seat in the correct class, and enjoy the flight!


We are currently hiring all MR (Airport Staff-Cockpit Crew) ranks!
We are currently not hiring any HR (Flight Supervisor, Operations Manager).

Job Descriptions

Trainee: Passed applications, waiting to be trained.

Airport Staff: Works check-in desks, gate agents, and ground crew.

Flight Attendant: Work onboard the aircrafts, making sure all passengers are safe and comfortable, by providing a safety demonstration, making sure the cabin is prepared for things like take-off, and landings, and provides a meal service.

Cockpit Crew:
First Officer: Controls gears, flaps, and more. Contacts tower for everything (taxi, takeoff, landing, ect,.)
Captain: Flies the aircraft.

Flight Supervisor: Supervises the flight, making sure that everything runs smoothly, and all staff have a role.

Operations Manager:
Hosts flights, interviews, and trainings.

Vice President: Oversees all airYellow operations.

President: Owner of airYellow.

HR Requirements:
Here is how to become an HR here at airYellow!
-Work here for at least one (1) month.
-Interviewed about the position your applying for.
-Re-Trained on every MR position.

HR Applications are currently: Closed.

Thank you for choosing airYellow! Have an amazing day!