Alaskion Adventure

Alaskion Adventure is a upcoming role-playing game. And while some may think it is is a creature catching game, you are actually the creature itself, similar to Monsters of Etheria. With multiple story lines to follow and multiple regions with high quality creatures and lots of things to do, Alaskion Adventure will be one of the most highly intensive creature role-playing games ever. And if roleplaying isn’t your style, try to collect every Alaskion and do quests!

However, Alaskion Adventure won’t happen if we don’t have the following:
1) Scripters
2) Gui Makers
3) 3D Modelers
4) GFX Artists
If you can do any of the following, please contact me. Currently we have only two developers including me and the game is still in progress so payments will be done after the game gets released. Contact me via Discord for more information and please have a portfolio ready.

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