Alasyr and Myself, Now and the Road Ahead

Hello, one and all. I feel like an update is long overdue, and with consideration for the rising interest in this project, I would like to express our current situation and where we stand in terms of moving forward.

Concept of Alasyr

I kickstarted Alasyr during summer of 2019 as a war clan in a hopeful but hasty attempt to return to the world of war clans after a few years of twiddling my thumbs. Unfortunately, a lackluster and hurried development period, shortsighted decision-making on my part, and various other circumstances resulted in short-lived stint. Nonetheless, it was a great learning experience and definitely worth the trouble and toil.

Promised Return

Just shy of a year after the flop, I made a modest but steady commitment toward becoming a more well-rounded developer. Finding developers willing to work as hard as myself on my own project was not in the realm of possibility. Having experimented with forking and rearranging code snippets in order for Alasyr’s original technology to even function, in conjunction with a decade of experience in Studio mostly dedicated to building and jerry-rigging free scripts, this move was more than comfortable for me and ended up paying dividends over time.

By 2021, I had formed a vision for the group and began acclimating myself to Luau and the accompanying environment. Along the way, I picked up a half-baked understanding of user interface and user experience. After a considerable amount of time and the tedious routines of trial and error, I’ve become more adept in a particularly familiar style and anyone who has been Alasyr’s development progress in recent months might agree that it is all seems to be coming together.

I have made it a point since 2020 that Alasyr is expecting a return, but only recently have I made a more concerted effort to build the foundation for this. Moreover, this project will not resemble the first iteration by any measure, and in fact will far exceed the bar set by so-called prominent war clans. This has become a relatively ambitious undertaking on my part, and I would like to do it right this time around.


Let me tell you what’s what. Alasyr’s aesthetic is loosely-inspired by various game titles, particularly Bungie’s Destiny and Anthem, but I also pull artistic inspiration from a number of Ubisoft games and other sci-fi shooters. But this project is not based off of one single game, and I make a conscious effort to avoid copying published work. Alasyr’s backstory and its future will stem from my own imagination.

With that said, this project will be overwhelmingly distant from traditional war groups and we would like to present it more as a shooter-based MMO with post-apocalyptic and science fiction overtones. Much of the development over the last few years has primarily revolved around several core features. (All demonstrations shown are not final and subject to an abundance of changes and improvements).

  • Utilizing a universe/hub to streamline access to all of Alasyr’s games in a single place. Demo shown here:

Universe Hub Demo, Streamable

  • User-friendly and visually appealing custom interfaces. This demo exhibits just a slight glimpse at our intentions with class customization, game modes and other common game interactions.

UI Demo, Medal

  • A versatile and (eventually) polished over-the-shoulder combat system, utilizing custom R15 animations.

OTS Demo, Streamable

  • Individual player progression, objectives and rewards, accessible through all places contained within the universe of Alasyr.

  • Routine content expansions, giving all players access to unique aesthetic items, environments and additions to Alasyr’s personal story.


Over the years, I have never put forth a definitive date for this project’s release. Given the time I had to spend over these past two years, the prospect of having something to publish has become increasingly real. However, despite my stated intention to meet the grounds for a soft release by this summer, we are simply not there yet.

And of course, there are reasons for that. I am old. I grew up playing Roblox, starting in 2010. Nowadays, I simply develop as a hobby. When the hobby stops becoming fun, I take a break from the hobby. I also have other hobbies, but more importantly I have obligations and Roblox doesn’t pay the bills. On top of that, my military career has taken an unexpected (but upward, nonetheless) trajectory and I find myself further from home on a regular basis. Yet, I still find the time to occasionally open Roblox Studio, Visual Studio Code, or Adobe Illustrator and chip away at the long list of overdue tasks.

After returning home in April, I began to lose the desire to sit in front of my computer to perform the tedious and mind-numbing tasks that accompany a long-term pet project, especially when this is almost exclusively a solo effort. The only other development contributions come from commissions (for things such as 3D models and animations) that I will periodically put out when required. I have also spent time away from the screen in order to recalibrate my life (the one that matters). Thus, for those reasons and various other circumstances, progress has stalled, and now I cannot say for certain when you should be expecting to see us emerge. The optimist within me would like to set the stage for a soft-release sometime in the winter. Whether this is a realistic estimation, I am unsure. But I will take it in stride.


I will continue to work on this project at my own pace. I will welcome anyone who wishes to help out in some way or another, or if you just want to watch from the sidelines. I will continue to post demonstrations of substantial developments and keep curious onlookers informed in the best way that I can.

tldr; It’s happening. It’s gonna be cool. Just wait and see. S O O N.