AlignPosition conflicting with other AlignPosition

In my game I have pets and I use AlignPosition and AlignOrientation to position them. At first, the pets were absolutely freaking out and flying everywhere:

The green dots which are Attachments represent where the pets are supposed to be. But as seen in the gif, they fly everywhere after a period of time. I believe I fixed this by parenting the model to the character rather than just a folder within the workspace (I saw another post about this).

Now I have another issue:

In here, a very odd behaviour occurs when players have their pets collide. I don’t know what is causing this, but this issue doesn’t happen in other games. Does anyone know a remedy to this problem? Rigidity is off, if there specific properties that I need to look into. The pets are also non collidable and is massless.

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Do the pets have their network owner set to their owner? To me it looks like when you get close to the other player, their network ownership is switched from you to the other player until you get further away.


I haven’t considered that! I will immediately use this to see if it fixes this.