AlignPosition freaking out

I’m trying to make an ability that puts floating parts around a player. My system for making effects like this happens individually for every client; the floating parts you see in the video are not on the server.

Here's the video

For some reason, on other clients, the parts start to float erratically as the player that owns them moves around. Eventually they fly off into the horizon never to be seen again. What could be causing this? Interestingly enough, the owner player visualizes the parts properly.

Here is the code that makes the attachments
local part ="Part")
part.CanCollide = false
part.Parent = Effects

part.Name = mTicket[2] .. "_" .. sPlayer.Name

local at1 ="Attachment")
at1.Parent = part

local atH ="Attachment")
atH.Parent = owner.HumanoidRootPart

local ap ="AlignPosition")
ap.Attachment0 = at1
ap.Attachment1 = atH
ap.MaxForce = 100000
ap.MaxVelocity = 10
ap.Responsiveness = 100
ap.Parent = part


recalculateAttachments() just changes the .Position property of the attachments so the parts are in a circle

Thanks for any help

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Would you please show us the explorer section where the parts are being instanced.

Ok. thanks for that.
I setup a little demo to see if I could reproduce the situation.
I created a part using a localscript in the starterplayerscripts folder for Player1 only with some code to move it about.
Running in studio test with two players I can see on Player1 the part I created in a folder in Workspace but it does not show on Player2 so I cannot reproduce what you have.
As this is without attachments it is a simpler test.
So if you comment out the attachments and AlignPosition code do you still see the part on both players?