All game animations arnt loading and with no error message

Hi! Currently I’m working on a small projects, it has weapon animations, crouching, etc
These all load in studio but not in the online game, no errors or anything, just not loading

EDIT: not sure if this is the right category if not please notify me

The animations must be owned by the owner of the game, if you own the game, you must own the animations, if a group owns the game, the group must own the animations.

Likely you’re having that problem as the animations, regarldess of ownership, work in studio but wont in an actual game if ownership is wrong

It’s a group game, I’m the owner of the group and the one who uploaded said animations

Did you upload the animations to the group or to yourself? They must be owned by the group

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I believe they are uploaded to my person, not the group which owns the game

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