All my áudios are with low volume

Hello devs afther the new sound updates (afther march 22) my áudios got with low volume I only can hear it if I up the volume but I don’t know wath happened to the volume of all my áudios and the audio volume does’t change even with volume set to 10. before march 22 the sound volume was normal (the roblox menu volume is max) It seems that the sound of all áudios of my game has been muffled.
Somenoe know wath happened?

Try increasing the volume of the audio file in the properties tab.

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 11.22.25 PM

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Hello there,

That’s possible because the standard volume in studio of the audio part is 0.5 (like @ChickwensRule said).

Even when you upload a Audio to ROBLOX they turn sometimes the audio down of the volume. There are websites to convert your audio louder. Don’t forgot to make it not TO loud because that is against the ROBLOX ToS!

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Oh yes of course thank you all