All of my good models

Hello, i want to share my good! Please tell me what is good and what is not good.

  1. Scifi Sword

  2. A watch

  3. A Tree

  4. A Barrel

  5. Anime Mask

  6. A Rock

  7. A Table

  8. A Computer( Laptop )

  9. Books

  10. Unfinished Sword Blade


Cool work! Jut one thing, at 5. “A Table” you put a head instead of a table. So replace/remove that. My favorite is the watch by the way!

what do you mean, there is no head? its just a table

(edit: oh i got it, i said it wrong, i was gonna say anime mask)

Okay so, your models are good enough that you will find someone that will employ you. You’ll have to charge a fair price per asset. But you have enough detail and clean enough look that you’ll find someone who will happily employ you.