All time player stats

I want to do, all time player clicks (if clicks got 0 it not reseting) like here

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You could have two leaderstats, one being in the leaderstats folder, and the other being just inside the player and adding to both of them, on called Clicks and the other called TotalClicks or whatever.

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Oh, how to make it don’t reseting after clicks 0 value

I mean don’t you just make a new store for them, and never link them to the removing of for ex, coins or something. Always when Adding the new click or tap also adding it to the all time one, maybe?

Oh, if it adding clicks value to total i think total clicks be so high

What, sorry I did not understand what you mean by they will be so high. But The simple solution would be to make a seprate value / table / store / whatever, for the total clicks ?

uh, i lazy to say anything, thank for help.