Allow BC members to upload bigger meshes and textures

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to make high quality meshes with textures when limited to 5000 polygons and 1024p textures.

Allowing BC members to upload bigger meshes and textures just makes sense. This would allow games to look much better, sprite sheets could be used more often and allows more creative freedom.

My idea is basically that BC members should be allowed to upload meshes and images up to 20mb. Also instead of downscaling large images down to 1024p, limit it by size instead (2mb for NBC users?).


I think allowing bigger image uploads would be nice. I’m not sure about restricting it to BC only. BC only features really seems like it’s a thing of the past. Limiting development to paying users only does not sound good to me.

I don’t like the idea of limiting by filesize – it’s too unpredictable. Right now I know that if I upload an image smaller than 1024x1024 then I can upload it and it will be exactly the size I uploaded it as. Having predictable image sizes is important.

Perhaps 20 MB or 1024x1024, whichever is larger?

Bigger meshes might be nice too. I’m inclined to say that if you’re having trouble with the 5 000 limit then you might need to optimize your meshes. I also don’t make meshes, so what do I know?