Allow decimal units in VehicleSeat

I’m changing the throttle on a VehicleSeat with the R2 trigger. Then I realised VehicleSeat throttles and many other properties of VehicleSeat’s only go 0, 1, -1 (and nothing like 0.463161) in between :frowning:
0 (stop)
1 (go forward)
-1 (go back)

Currently, I have to pull down the trigger until around 0.6 to get it to move (and even then, it jumps to 1) and it’s the same with steering, 0, 1, -1,

Here is a repo video you can see at the top how much I’m pulling on the trigger. The throttle will just jump to 1 when I reach around 0.6 pull, excuse my music in the background :emo-angst: