Allow for Badge Organisation on Game Page

As a developer, I want my game page to look as good and proper as possible. This includes the badges list. Currently, and as the way it has always been, badges are displayed in the order of which they were created.

This creates the issue in which if you have a group of badges that are acquired through similar means, and upload more separately after uploading other badges, they appear disjointed. Here’s a case:

As you can see, I uploaded the Silver level award after the others, which is awarded between two of the other levels (copper & gold), as I thought of it later on. I would love to to be able to organise the order in which they are listed.

(Also, I added another higher level award and it’s all the way at the bottom! How will my playerbase know it exists without trekking through the whole thing?)

 **Possible Solution**

SoundCloud has a great organisation system for albums where you can drag and drop the individual tracks on top of each other.

A great place for this would be on the badges section of the development tab on your game.


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