Allow Game Viewing on Mobile

So, when I’m not home, I like to check ROBLOX on my phone (android turbo if necessary).

Let’s say one of my twitter followers wants me to see their new game’s thumbnail and link me to it. When I click the link it automatically begins joining the game (if roblox app is downloaded) and you cannot, what so ever, view the individual game’s page.

If you delete the ROBLOX app, you get an error.

“The webpage at robloxmobile://placeID=215752145 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

For the sake of ROBLOX Mobile users, and yes the click link and join is a great idea, let us have individual game page viewing for mobile back. Thank you.

I remember an employee saying that this is a bug, as it was intended for this to only happen in the app.

Okay good. Thank you.