Allow GuiTextMixIn.LineHeight to have a value below 1?

As a Roblox developer implementing localization into our game it is difficult to avoid having to split strings up into multiple text objects, due to some pesky aspects of the font padding.

I was attempting to migrate the text in this image into a TextLabel we can localize its text:


While I was able to pull it off, it required me to split the text into two TextLabel objects so that I could get the two lines of text closer together.

When trying to use one TextLabel combined with RichText, the lines are very padded with a LineHeight of 1. It also appears to break the UIStroke class, preventing me from pulling off certain effects.

I also have to bump the TextSize down to 1, otherwise the line spacing becomes even worse for some reason.

Ideally I want to avoid having to split text up to make life easier for translators who may not have enough context to what is being translated. Being able to stuff all of these visualizations (with full control) into one TextLabel object would be super handy.

I hope this can be addressed in some shape or form soon!


There are several cases where I have wished that LineHeight could be zero. Additionally, LineHeight should be able to be, for example, 0.5. Currently its fixed to an integer amount, but that makes it really hard to actually utilize.

I almost never can actually use LineHeight for its intended purpose. (Or the purpose it has in CSS)


It says they have added this in the newest release notes

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