Allow LinkedSources to use external websites

Sometimes, ROBLOX Studio can be a pain to use when it comes to writing large projects. When I start large projects, I prefer the use of the online IDE Cloud9. Not only can I work on my project with any computer running a modern web browser (ChromeOS anyone? Our school uses those…), but I have the complete power of a Ubuntu Server workspace. This allows me to integrate useful utilities, such as Git (making sure I don’t make a mistake like I usually do… ggnore me). However, ROBLOX doesn’t support any of these features, yet Studio is essential for running a Test Server environment. If I could just link my BaseScripts to my IDE, this would simply a lot of the process, making things nice and smooth!

So, is there really a big problem with allowing this? Seeing that the content goes through the ContentFilter, I can only assume there is some reason regarding moderation…

If I recall correctly, this is already a planned thing and LinkedSource was the first step towards it. You’ll probably be able to find the thread with a search for keywords GitHub and Linked. It was a while ago though, so it’s nice to see people still want and need this. I’d certainly use it.