Allow particles to wrap on mesh surface

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to create impressive and procedural visual effects on meshes without using obscure and difficult hacks.

I have been developing on the platform for 8 years and I enjoy creating appealing visual effects (VFX) for experiences with combat themes, but it has always been very difficult to create satisfying visual effects with the tools given by Roblox.

It has become easier with the years thanks to new features such as beams, trails, and especially meshes, but in the case of meshes, I always feel unsatisfied because of the difficulty to make those meshes come to life with an animated texture; some kind of procedural live texturing would be a solution to this.

A friend of mine who has alot of experience on another game engine wondered many times why there wasn’t some kind of procedural texturing for meshes, and I found out how amazing it looked today.

The request is to allow for particle emitters to take the shape of a mesh and be emitted from the mesh’s surfaces, making animated textures a very easy thing but also unlocking unlimited variants for one type of effect.

One example would be a knife skin, right now, all I can do is offset a simple texture, it can become VERY repetitive and boring, if I could apply particles on the knife itself, I would create a knife with an animated fire texture, not only would it look awesome, but it would be unique, players would not have to feel like it was stolen somewhere.

Another example would be a car texture, imagine being able to create waves of water on the car itself, it would look awesome, but it would be extremely difficult or even impossible to do with what we currently have.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to create a greater variety of optimized visuals more easily, players would be able to be blown away more often and more easily by less predictable visual effects.