Allow Quicker Exiling

As a Roblox developer, it’s currently too hard to exile multiple members in an efficient manner. It’s obvious that all groups end up having some bad apples, whether it’d be people misbehaving on the wall or bots in their not so wonderful shapes and forms. But sometimes we’d want to exile multiple people at once. Whenever you go to the group admin panel and exile a member, it immediately takes you back to page one and no rank filter. Here is a gif showing this issue in depth.

I believe are two things that could be done to allow group admins to exile members in a quicker and much efficient manner. First, perhaps exiling a member doesn’t take you back to page one of the group admin panel and resets the filters. Or another thing that could be done which, in my opinion, would be more effective is allowing us to select a checkbox next to each member in the group admin panel and allowing us to exile all of the selected users at once.

If Roblox is to introduce this as a feature, it would benefit group administrators greatly by allowing multiple members to be exiled faster, especially if they are bots or raiding the group wall.


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