Allow StarterScripts to have no defaults

I am currently working on a game where I do not require the sound script, health script or animate script of the traditional character. Currently, to replace them I have to add scripts with the same names that are entirely blank. This just seems a little pointless to me, and instead a bool under StarterScripts should exist that decides whether or not to add the default scripts even if there’s no replacement.


I would definitely use this, I remove all scripts anyway.


Try inserting a Folder with the same name

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I think a bool property would be lovely.

Right now, I just manually remove those scripts via a LocalScript.

Creating an object of the same name in StarterPlayerScripts is another way to prevent the default scripts from being loaded in.

Already doing this, but we shouldn’t need to.


Bump. Still very much needed.

Extremely important for scaling to large worlds and servers, specially since I already use custom systems and don’t require certain scripts.