Allow Topbar Menu Icon to be Changed

I’m not sure if this has already been asked for, already answered or whatnot but, I recently ran into a design issue with the default menu icon being awkward at best. Also, I recently realized that this is “stuck” and non-removable.

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 12.25.09 PM

I’d prefer if I could remove or change how this looks. My game is going for a low poly feel and this completely ruins any sense of feel for my game. I get why it’s here to establish brand identity and whatnot but, I find it incredibly restrictive. In addition, it’s not centered correctly at all. The padding on the x-axis surpasses the padding on the y-axis by a wide margin.

I find the transparency background frame with a Roblox gradient to be very-one-purpose and doesn’t allow customization that Roblox is trying (?) to achieve. In addition, I find it a bit odd that when you disable all the coreguis you can still see this.

I actually prefer this over the default one. The color is basic. The design is modern. If we could have this and be able to change the icons (keep the Roblox one) to match the actual theme of our games I feel that games can establish their own brand identity and move away from the Roblox theme and branch to unique and more-apt ones.

As a developer, it doesn’t take much to see how abysmal this is.