Allow users to disable display names

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What did you mean by “I don’t want to have to see my outdated display name every time I post.” Are you changing your name every 5 seconds?

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I don’t see the problem. Display name and username are shown beside each other on the forum, or display name is not shown at all if it isn’t set.

You can log out and log back in to update your information on the forum.

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If you take a look at @PeZsmistic 's name and @Guap_Man 's name, you can see that their username doesn’t appear twice. In my opinion. Perhaps supporting this topic may help:

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Since display names functionally do not impact you at all then, this feature request is moot. Please don’t request things for petty aesthetic reasons. If there is no practical reason for a change, it won’t be changed.


It’s literally right next to their display name. How is that too hard to check?

Also, note how this point is never brought up again. It looks like you knew you needed a practical reason for the request to even be considered so you just put the first bad thing that came to your mind, regardless if it was actually relevant at all or not.

So log out and back in…?

It wouldn’t improve anything practical about your experience, it’ll just make you slightly happier. The engineering effort simply isn’t worth it so one person on the forums can be happy about not having to see a display name.

Doesn’t even happen.

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Yeah, I would prefer to not see my own display name as it could technically count as self-promo.

I don’t think people should be disabling them because of impersonation, developers are professional enough to know not to impersonate as others.

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