Allow WMV files to be uploaded to our pages

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to upload recordings taken directly from in an experience. Talent Hub does not support uploading WMV files. It seems counterintuitive that WMV files are the type of files from recording in-experience, yet the Talent Hub does not allow them.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I could then easily upload a video taken from my project to showcase it on my page without using another software to record.


I think that instead of doing that, Roblox should change the Output Format of his integrated vídeo recorder to a more ““used”” format (like .MP4)

If you want to share a video in some apps, WMV is not supported and we need to convert the video to another format.

If u are using Windows 10 or 11, u can Use the Xbox Game bar recorder (Win+G) which records in MP4.


wmv and wma are propietry legacy specs created by Microsoft. There’s no reason to support an old specification that only worked with Windows Media Player for the longest time.

When you upload a wmv to YouTube, for example, it’s silently converted to mp4 before reaching viewers. There’s no reason to support such an old spec that may not carry over to operating systems that aren’t Windows.


In my opinion, this feature would be unnecessary, because WMV to MP4 converters exist.

Well you’d expect them to support the format they chose to use


I mean, why wouldn’t they tbh?

A better solution would to make the recorder record in a modern video file format like MP4. WMV is a legacy file and is not seen really anywhere else this day and age.

Better yet, there can be a setting in the menu where you could choose the file format similar to how you can choose your camera mode. For example, WMV or Mp4

Wmv should be completely removed. It’s such an old file format that close to nothing uses today. This is just adding an unnecessary setting.

If roblox won’t give us individual graphics settings, there’s no way they are letting you choose between mp4 and wmv.