Allowing Topics To Be Withdrawn Without Replies in Categories that Require To Go Through Post Approval

Greetings, my name is Paul, and in this topic I will be talking about “Allowing Topics to be deleted”

We DevForum members, sometimes make mistakes when creating topics.
The issue is that, if we create topics through Post Approval it won’t be deleted.
Normally, I saw an incident like this happening to a fellow DevForum member.
He made a topic via a category that requires Post Approval attention.
Though little did he know the topic was already made by another DevForum user.
He tried to delete the topic though he dosen’t have the permission to do that because the system account already replied to his request for Post Approval Attention.

Preferred Solution
The Roblox DevForum should just allow users to delete topics that are sent to Post Approval if they want to it to be withdrawn because it will also spare the time for Post Approval to reply to their topic that it already has been made, and this would really help DevForum users to fix or withdraw their accidental topic they their category requires to go through Post Approval.

As it stands right now, you can just reply to your own PA request stating that you’d like to have it withdrawn and we’ll just archive it. It only takes a few seconds, not sure how much it could be improved without a whole lot of work.


Bonus points if you hit the Archive button on the message in addition to replying to it (that way we won’t see it at all).