Almost finished! / Geometric Figures

Only many hour has passed and I have already made more levels for my obby, apart from that even I was surprised, it is almost full, and fun and simple, however, the levels that I will show below are one of all most difficult levels that exist in my OBBY
Also now most of the blocks are already animated, they rotate, and even with more functions as you will also see in the images such as the lasers of the ‘Museum’ stage if you pay attention you will see in the images of the ‘Museum’ how the lasers can move with each image since recording a video takes me longer
What do you think ?, How is it going this?

As I always say Obby simple and Fun,
You can see the process that this game went through in my profile and activity

And soon you will be able to see something very different from ToH, the player will be able to choose any map and without time so that he does not stress when playing apart from a main and giant Lobby since also each map has its small lobby (I WILL GIVE MORE DETAILS AS SOON AS THE GAME IN FULL)

Based on ToH :wink: (Link soon) and Thanks for Reading
- murjarquitecto


Should fix up the area in the first image a bit, it looks a bit bland in my opinion.

Other than that, Me like! :slight_smile:

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Looks nice, but maybe dim down the neon a bit?

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Too much neon. Obby players can’t focus because of it. Either you dim the neon a bit or just make a better lighting and remove some neons. Overall it looks pretty promising, but since it looks very clustered, you might wanna add some descriptions along the way to make sure they know where to go next? Correct me if i’m wrong.

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Well, correcting some points of view if there is a way to go for the player and sincerely the neon for me represents not touching but I will try to attenuate the neon and I’m glad you liked it


This obby have many potential and is beautiful, also colorful

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