[ALMOST FULL] Power Up [Looking for an investor]


About Us

Hello! I am @TheAposol; I am currently looking for an investor for my upcoming game(Power Up)! The investor is extremely important. They will fund the worker’s initial payment, keep the workers motivated, and fund the sponsors. Some will be my Robux, and the other cut will be yours.

Information About the game

Main Idea: You must survive in the wilderness and fight if necessary.
How to play: You spawn in a random location, and(if you are new to the game you spin a wheel to choose your power, you are given a weapon too.) People are sneaky and will try to kill you. You are in a forest, and you will try to survive, and get stronger by gathering resources and powering up!
Description: You are given powers to survive in the wilderness. You have to fight to survive. Collect resources, sell them, and then purchase items from the shop! Race to be the best of the best. Test your skills, and fight to win.

How will we make Robux?
  • X1.5, X2, X2.5, X3, X5 recources
  • Plasma Gun
  • Plasma knife
  • X1.5, X2, X2.5, X3, X5 XP
  • Starter Pack
  • X X1.5, X2, X2.5, X3, X5 Health regeneration
  • X1.5, X2, X2.5, X3, X5 Stamina Regenration
  • X1.5, X2, X2.5, X3, X5 Damage
  • Phoenix Fire Axe
  • Phoenix Fire Sword
    And much more…

Current Progress


As the investor, you will recieve your promised percentage for one year(paid weekly), or X1.75 return(your choice).
Remember, you are funding the well-being of the game by giving your Robux. You are a crucial part of the game’s well-being. 1%= 150 Robux currently(will increase as more people invest)


Discord: TheAposol#5823
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The compensation here is ridiculous. You’re not compensating people to work on the project, presumably because there’s little to no budget. Ok, understandable. But you can’t have it both ways, where you give people a small, temporary percentage for a venture that may or may not succeed, especially when you haven’t demonstrated any vision for the project at all.

If you’re going to give someone such a small percentage of game revenue and no compensation outside of that, it should be permanent.



Complex does not equate to better. A lot of the time adding more “complex” components usually ends up scaring away people. I think the big reason Booga Booga was successful is because of it’s simple and elegant game mechanics.



Temporary percentages put developers off. Either put up a upfront payment or a permanent percentage.



The payment is too low, considering the game will be hard to program the programmer should get paid the most. Also I do not think paying SFX artists and animators with % is a good idea. I think you should pay them with $ or robux. OR you could pay everyone with robux, no %. Like if x person does this x task he/she earns x amount of money.



I agree, what even is the point of paying with temporary percentages?



First of all, please actually write about your game and not use another game to explain.

Some devs have never played Booga Booga and I doubt they want to go out of their way to find the game and play it to figure out what type of game you want. It’s better and more professional for you to actually write what your game is.

And you’re keeping 70% for yourself? I’m sorry but that must be a joke right? The amount you’re paying your developers is also pretty ridiculous. I don’t even think Animators and Artists should get a %, they should be paid upfront.

Also temporary payments is a big no-no imo especially if you expect them to continue working on content for your game.

Please refer to this article: SCRIPTERS - Stop undervaluing your work! as it gives a general example of what percentages should be given.



I don’t believe that is really applicable here.

In contrast to what everyone has been saying, I do believe this game has a very vague - no description of what it’s actually about.
The payment however is very risky for any developer to accept due to the fact of “Will you game actually work”

Do you have any recent projects @TheAposol?
Maybe any development experience or leadership experience ?
This is what people are looking for as a leader, someone who can take control of the job and task at hand.

Enjoyable for everyone and an atmosphere that will be welcoming.
Your warm welcome is very minimal payment percentages and limitation.
Also, ‘Professional’ you wont find any full time developers up for 15% of a (hard to say it) random game unoriginal game.

You should reconsider payment options…
You don’t need money to be successful,
I managed on a 3k budget to get to where I am today.
Almost a full released game with tons of money for ads.
Original Idea which has so many positive reviews.
(Not trying to advertise so I won’t mention the name).

Good luck!

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How is it not applicable?



Personally I don’t think scripter don’t needs 40-65% of the profit.
Not unless the game is scripting heavy.

Let’s not talk about this here…
If you’d like message me.



I know what Booga Booga is, and I do commissions so I do know how much percent a scripter should be given.

Making a Survival Game with NPC animals that you can ride and attack you, as well as base building, weapons, etc can get somewhat complicated. That’s not worth 200k R$ and why I gave a link to the post that has a run-down of some percentage examples

@TheAposol (tagged so he can see this as it’s relevant to him)



the % for programming is insanely low, and besides that even if somehow the game was guaranteed to be a hit and the programmer would get the 200k robux it’s only 700 dollars via devex (93 hours working with the USA min wage) for a game that would potentially take months and then even more months after the game is released

also you didn’t mention how much % you will be paid, and what you will contribute to the team

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Scripters should be getting at the bare minimum a permanent 40%. SFX and animators should be paid upfront with no percentages.

And why are you hogging 70%? What makes you so deserving of that large amount?



Now looking for a builder and(or) modeler!



70 and then 100%, actually.

This proposal is horrible. Either get a budget and commission people to do it for you or actually do something and distribute pay fairly.

If it were me I’d be giving two others two sevenths profit permanently. I would take the same amount, and the seventh seventh would be for savings in case the studio needed to commission things or pay fees.



When I checked this post earlier, it said it was based off of “Booga Booga.” Now I see that it’s based off of “Hero Online.” Has no development work been done at all on the game? If you have done work on the game, what warranted such a drastic change?

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I will receive 50% of all game profit, the rest is distributed throughout the team. If you want me to heighten percentages, I will do so if pushed far enough.



I’m sorry that I got inspired by another game, while hardly in development VaIerianMengsk. I wll make sure to stick to one solid plan next time.



Where is 80% going? What are your contributions to the project?

My advice is if you plan on doing percentages, give the developers of the projects larger percentages first off, this allows them to get paid more quickly so they can move on and don’t have to worry about payment taking so long. Second, with these low percentages, it would just take a long time for a developer to get paid.

This part seems very questionable, are you aware that if somebody is working for you, they are taking their time out of there day to work? Some developers do these jobs to make some sort of an income that makes an impact in their life to some degree, it’s like an actual job for few.

My advice is to come up with a better payment method and ranges, this will help convince people to help out on the project and makes them reassure they won’t be wasting their time and effort when they could be doing other projects.

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30 of the other percentages are going to the programmer, and animator. I contribute to the game as a lead builder(I need some help, don’t have all the time in the world), a secondary modeler, and a secondary animator. I will also check over the UI’s, and modify them to make them look better, along with the GFX. Another thing to add on is I am the SFX artist, I will design the music, and sound effects. Finally, I will manage the Discord server, and my team. Also, the questionable part means it is admittedly slightly risky, however the project will be organized, and the concept will be original, though slightly inspired by “Heroes Online”. Also, what would you recommend a payment arrangement shall be?