[ALMOST FULL] Power Up [Looking for an investor]


I mean, it’s a good game, I would go out of my way to play it



Please tell me this is some sort of joke or prank. No sane person would take this.

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You would, not everyone, I wouldn’t if I hadn’t played it before.



I can assure you I am sane. The post was in no way a “joke” or a “prank”. If you want me to bring my percentages to an extreme, so I only get 10% of the game profits, I cannot do that. Also, what I’m looking for is a secondary modeler and builder, so I find no need in giving them a raise.



Putting aside your small percentages, does this mean that if the project fails, you’ll pay them in full the 50k or 225k, depending?



I reckon that it’s like a “repeat until” loop.

If each iteration returns 0, and the condition is never met (225k gotten) you’re up a creek.

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I’m interested, and i’m desperate for Robux after I got scammed out of my ROBLOSECURITY. Are positions still open?



yeah i believe your right with this since 12.5% is tiny when it should be 30% or more



I swear it’s a different game idea every time I look at this post.

This is quite vague and doesn’t specifically describe what systems will need to be scripted.




Deleted this comment then.
I agree with @Billy_Dodo though.



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As the rules state, this is not the place for calling somebody out, if there is an issue you should bring it up with a Lead_Top_Contributor or DevRel member.

@TheAposol If you address some of the concerns regarding payment and the quality of the post people have above you may have better like finding a suitable candidate.



I dislike how you are yet to respond to most of the concerns expressed by other users.

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Alright, to begin, you are paying the modelers really low. In my opinion, modelers are worth more than builders, since they have to deal with 3rd party modeling software, which I can say from experience is a tricky thing to do. In studio, you place, texture, and you’re good. In 3D modeling software’s, you make the model, unwrap the UV, texture it, import it while staying under the tris count, and fix any messed up normal’s. That’s not even everything you are sometimes required to do! Now obviously it’s up to you how you pay your staff, but I can tell you this is the last project I’d join…



Not to mention that Blender and other CAD/modelling software are far more difficult to learn and master than Studio.



:thinking: I think I’ve seen this somewhere before…

This is extremely similar to Booga Booga with wheel-spinning for powers (which I strongly dislike. Why can’t the players play how they want?).

It’s not like Booga Booga is dead, either - it’s thriving - so you have to compete with a game that has an established fanbase and months of updates. I don’t really think it’s a good investment opportunity. In fact, the current models look less complex than those in Booga Booga (based on the current progress). Good luck in finishing your game, but yeah, it’s a no from me dawg.


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