Aloha Resorts | Affiliate Description

About Us

This is the handbook for other sections that are not included in the previous handbook. Please refer to the main handbook for more information.

This handbook will only be used for affiliate only.

Affiliate Descriptions

Thank you for taking interest in allying with Aloha Resorts. Below is the following requirements that must be met in order for you to apply for an alliance.

  • Your group should contain 100 non-botted members.
  • Your group should have professional measures for staff members.
  • Your group should be willing to announce upcoming events Aloha has to offer.
  • Your group must hold a valued reputation within the ROBLOX community, with no bad reputations around it.

As stated previously, if you would like to submit an affiliate request and meet these given requirements to ensure to send a direct message to a member of our Communications team, you should receive a reply within the capacity of 72 hours.


  • What group are you sending an affiliate application on behalf of?
  • Why are you interested in partnering with Aloha?
  • What possible benefits could Aloha receive from this alliance?
  • What attributes make you unique from other establishments within the industry?
  • Do you understand that we will terminate this alliance if your group breaches any of our guidelines on an affiliation?
  • Which two members will be representing your group? Please provide Roblox usernames and discord tag.

If you have any queries about the alliance, please send a direct message to our super ranks CraveMeow or Puddle_ZZ.