Aloha Resorts | Department Descriptions

About Us

This is the handbook for other sections that are not included in the previous handbook. Please refer to the other handbook for more information.

This handbook will only be used for department descriptions.


  • Staffing Department:
    The Staffing Department is in charge of managing all staff members at Aloha Resorts. Users in the department are regularly involved in activates such as appeals, bans and many more.

  • Communications Department:
    The Communications Department is in charge of managing members coming in and out of the group. Users in this department are regularly needed to plan for shifts, trainings and mass events that occur such as gamenights or alliance visits.

  • Development Department:
    Our Development Department is in charge of creating the games and ensured that they are running smoothly. They are also in charge of fixing bugs that are reported by users that have played the game. The developers will constantly update the game to ensure that there is fun for everyone.


Requirement to be in Staffing Department: 2FA must be enabled on ROBLOX and discord, so that no one will be able to take your account.

Requirement to be in Communications Department: Your account must be over 200 days old and you cannot have safechat in your account. This is to prevent you from saying tags when numbers are needed to be said.

Requirement to be in Development Department: You must have a portfolio that clearly describes your occupation such as builder, scripter, GFX Designer, etc. You must also have a discord account so we can communicate with you clearly.

We are currently not hiring builders so please do not direct message any of the executive or super rank team.