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This is the handbook for other sections that are not included in the previous handbook. Please refer to the main handbook for more information.

This handbook will only be used for session times only.

Attending training gives you access to full worker privileges. Upon entering the training center, you will have to choose between various roles such as housekeeping, security and receptionist. There will be various tasks to complete in order to pass. All our trainings times are in EST so if you need, please use the timezone converter to ensure that you do not miss a session!

:books: Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
2.30 AM
6 AM
10.30 PM

:books: Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
9 AM
4 PM
6 PM
11 PM

Please note that all the times listed are in the Eastern Time Zone (EST) . If you need help converting your time, please use this website to help you:

:link: 1.1k
Good luck at training! Keep in mind that if you fail, you can always try again!