Alone Information

Alone, the great survival game that next to no one knows about! This game will be released later in 2019, but here are some good things for you to see. Please read the full document if you are an interested player!

Main Guidelines
No hacking, obviously.
no bullying or harassing others.
If you meet a dev in game, just don’t bug them unless they talk to the server saying a message like, “Hey guys! I’m open to chat!” They’re most likely trying to review a recent report of some sort.
More will be added later.

Map Selection Information
-Maps ARE selected randomly. Strategies do not work.
-Stand on the platform and get teleported quickly to a random map.
-you ARE NOT guaranteed a spot in your friends game, or vice versa! Please don’t message us with reports of “Not joining my friends.”

Contacting Developers
Most developers are available to chat through Discord, but don’t spam us. Please join our community server in the group page. Do not ping @everyone, or @Developers, either!

Updating schedule
No updates are guaranteed a date, because we like perfecting stuff.

That’s all we have for now, but thanks for reading! Enjoy Alone!

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