Alright, can anybody give me anything I can learn about?

You need to learn the tools. In this case Understanding CFrames

I know, thats why I like to ask, I ask questions, then if they give me something, I try to look and see what it does. Free models just make it too difficult though, but you get the point. I don’t copy code :^)

I didn’t even realize I could just rotate it to the Y axis. Still somewhat confused, how I am going to check which side is touching the floor.

This is a somewhat loaded question… For example where is the floor? Usually the floor implies a surface under the target. And typically this is in the World Down direction.,-1,0) is the down direction relative to world space.

what if my floor was at 0,0,0?

That’s not a valid direction. It could be a valid world position but that would be the exact center of the world space. Are you above or below this position? Object and World Space

Well… Above, could i just do Cube.CFrame:ToWorldSpace? (getting an example from the cframes tutorial you showed me)

You need to study the CFrames and Object World space stuff. CFrame Math Operations Explains what ToWorldSpace actually does.

The developer hub and API reference are your best friend. Roblox API Reference Manual

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That’s my suggestion to you though. Really dig in and learn the tools of the platform. The better you understand the tools and how to use them. The easier it will be to make anything you can imagine.

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