Alright, how do I make destructable bricks without weld surface

I have meshes and stuff, with smooth parts, I cant use weld surfaces. Also, do I have to use like the weld object but wouldn’t that be inefficient is there a better way I need your help. basically something like doompshire brickbattle destructible bricks.

Anchor them. Once the bricks that are anchored get impacted by let’s say, an explosion, simply unanchor the parts that were touched by the explosion.

yes what he said you partner (30 caracters)

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Uh wouldnt that look unrealstic? Also by explosion do you mean the explosion class

you can adjust the properties of an explosion

Hmm… Ok, i will expirment I guess loll

Wait do you mean the explosion class? in the api

it’s very easy to adjust the properties I guess I :slight_smile:

You can use the explosion class. Why would it look unrealistic though?

@murjarquitecto, I don’t get what you’re going at.

what kind of game do you plan to play?

Alright so I shoot out bullets with a small explosion and anything affcteced by it gets unachored?

Nowhere I just think about how the explosion can be

Well basically I am scripting a game (btw I am not a builder idk why it says it in my title) and I need an effcinet way to do this


But for the explosion part of it you would have to make a touched event for the bullet. When the bullet is touched by one of the destructible parts, you would create a sphere as big as the explosion at the bullet’s position, then you would run the function :GetTouchingParts() to return the parts that were touched. Lastly, you would unanchor all the parts that were returned from the event.