Alternative to InvokeClient()

I’m making a transition Gui. I want the server to fire the client to start the transition, and then a event that will return to the server once the tween is completed. Now a RemoteFunction would be correct to use in this case because it has 3-way communication. Yet, on the DevHub it says using InvokeClient() can be game breaking.

How would I fire the client, wait for the tween to complete, and return an event to the server without the game breaking?

you could always try using one remote event like this

then send it back with

making it a three way communication

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I don’t know how safe this is but it is an option you can try

When I fire the server will it end the transition and start the next cycle for all clients?

FireServer shouldn’t interfere with FireClient in any way if that is what you are asking

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ik this because I tried to see if it worked before