Alternative to Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame()?

I just don’t like that function

What would you want to be different in an alternative?

Because Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() does not work with anchored parts

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Yeah it does, I just checked. Try making a new post about your actual issue. If things aren’t moving like you expect them to when calling SetPrimaryPartCFrame, there might be something else causing it. But SetPrimaryPartCFrame definitely works like it should.

Okay so I have another question. Is it possible to tween Mode:SetPrimaryPartCFrame()?

I already read that post and the guy says to not use SetPrimaryPartCFrame and I implemented his other solution which does not look smooth at all like Miner Haven’s placement thing which has quint interpoliation

The tween is .15 seconds long and is a quint idk what i did wrong here

Personally I would use Linear for the interpolation, are you using the code Locally (LocalScript) or on the Server (ServerScript)?

Localscript and linear interpolation does not give the same buttery smooth slide kinda thing

To me, lerp is inferior to tween

Are you using Weld’s or WeldConstraints? If you’re using weld’s, I would recommend trying WeldConstraints.

If you set the WeldConstraints to the PrimaryPart (Preferably the center of the model), unanchor everything, then you can use the TweenService.

local goal= {}
goaldown.CFrame =

local MoveModel = game:GetService("TweenService"):Create(Model.PrimaryPart, 
tweenInfo, goal)


This will move the model smoothly to your desired position.

No I do not want to use welds because this is a localscript

I use the WeldConstraints in my LocalScript and it moves my models just fine, are you cloning them locally?

Is there like an other option? Maybe setting all of the parts inside the model’s cframes to be offset relative to the primarypart’s cframe?

None that I am aware of, I recommend you use WeldConstraints.

Okay so I just viewed berezaa’s miners haven source code and no where does it include welds or weld constraints in his placement code so like i dont wanna use welds because its just not cool n stuff