Alternative way to advertise my game?

So, I am the owner of a game called “Rage Table Showdown.” From what I have heard, it is pretty good. Now, those are from my friends who have played it, and other players, who might just be saying that because I’m the owner. Well, when I advertise my game, I get a lot of people who play who are… well, new players. These players will enter one match, and if they lose, they will leave, and dislike if they have a verified email address. It’s pretty annoying, because people who have been playing Roblox for a decent amount of time, actually keep playing when they lose, and give leave a like on the game. What I’m trying to get to, is that is there another way to get my game popular, and make it so the majority of people who start to play are not new players who will get mad when they lose?

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From this post, I’m seeing more the fact you believe the reason why you believe your game has not succeed is because of new players.

This is an excuse, not a reason.

ANY GAME if well designed will be engaging to any player, even if they are on a losing streak of 100 games (which a well designed game should never really allow to happen) turning that into something positive can flip the cards - Although people leaving because of losing is actually a lot less common then common belief.

Friends are friends, they are going to try and make you feel good, but honestly I DISLIKE positive feedback from friends, and them spending robux in my games since I feel it gives me an inaccurate, biased data capture which if you have studied the GIGO principle (garbage in garbage out) you would know will cause more harm then it does good.

However the one time I would consider data from friends as unbiased, is if the friends play for an extended duration, even after you have left.

A strong example of this is @vCaffy’s dungeon quest, which in a post I will not even attempt to locate he stated that while his first game failed, he was able to build dungeon quest purely because the players had a good experience with the game, and his friends played after testing sessions were complete.

While I in no way attempted to answer your question, I hope I have helped your identify the actual source of the issues, rather then the issue itself :slight_smile:

If you are disbelieving of my points, then I leave you with the advice of find an enthusiastic youtube who in general has a more experienced robloxian audience, such as @KonekoKittenWasTaken and if your game is truly well designed they may decide to promote it for you, however be aware smaller you tubers, may charge fees to promote your game if they do not enjoy it and are in need of the money :confused:

This might not be very ethical of a solution, but maybe a possible idea depending on the game type is new players face really easy bots for the first few rounds where they’ll almost always win so that they might not leave immediately?