AlvinPolys - Building/Scripting [OPEN]



I’ll keep that in mind, by any chance do you have any larger scale maps I could explore? Preferably the lowpoly forest as seen above.


The only such map I have is not with the same style as the one you request a link to… And its scale is 700x700 studs…


Currently open! Hit me up on discord for commissions for here @AlvinPolys, thanks for your time!


Are you in hire of a music composer still.


Currently open and looking for commissions!


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Heya! Trying to send you a friend request but can’t locate your Discord. Might be an error on my side but i’d appreciate it if you could send me a request RickyTheFishy#1234


Sorry! My discord Nitro was over a day ago. Here is my new tag AlvinPolys#5233


Very nice work here. Looks really solid.




Taking 1-2 more commissions for this week. Hit me up if you are interested on discord: AlvinPolys#5233