Am I allowed to create this?

So I want to make a UI that allows you to manually fire RemoteEvents in Studio. (For example, type the name of the RemoteEvent and click a button to fire it)

This would be extremely useful for checking if I scripted all my RemoteEvents’ sanity checks correctly.

But I’ve heard that exploiters can manually fire RemoteEvents, so I don’t know whether created a UI like this counts as exploiting or not.

The question is,

Am I allowed to create a UI that can manually fire RemoteEvents? Or does it count as exploiting and is therefore not allowed?

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You’re allowed to create it as long as you aren’t making it a gui to lua script. You can give it to yourself by scripting it and not executing anything in a executor. Even if you had a executor for “Testing” it is still against Roblox TOS

In no way am I involving a script executor in this.

Its just a simple im-game UI only I can use to fire RemoteEvents manually.

No script injectors involved.

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If there’s no 3rd party software used, should not be a problem.

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Yeah, what @iWantBananaNow said. There isn’t going to a problem unless 3rd party software is used.

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Absolutely. As long as your not injecting anything onto roblox, its fine.

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Thanks everyone. I appreciate the help.