Am I allowed to sell this?

Hello! I am Coneylove133, but I would rather be called Coney.


I had fixed up motorcycles for someone and they are fully working and in good condition. I gave the file back to the owner and asked if it was sufficient or if something needed to be fixed. He replied some issues that are now fixed. I sent him another file that was the edits, and asked if it was all good. I then got ghosted, and he has never replied in over a month and a week later.


I am not 100% positive that I can sell the motorcycles. My work has been put into it so they work perfectly. I was not paid for the completion. I am not sure if it is scamming or against TOS to sell the motorcycles. This is why I made a post here on the forum. This is my first Topic so please tell me if I put this in the wrong catagory.

Thank You For The Feedback!

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I would say that if he never paid you, you can do it. When someone pays for an asset, it becomes the property of them and not the creator. If he paid you, I wouldn’t do it.


Ok thank you! No, he did not pay me for the completion. I added the part in the Topic. Thanks again!

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Did he give you a motorbike that he built and you just fixed it?

No, he got gifted the motorbikes. I believe he got them for free since they were broken when handed to him. He then hired me to fix them which I did, but then I got ghosted. So my question was if I should sell them or not.

Edit: I have his forum post if you would like to see it.

Then it’s probably fine, I’d prefer you just make new models by yourself though. If he gave them for you to fix and didn’t pay you, I assume it’s pretty much yours.


Alright, thanks for the advice!