Am I missing something about remote events?

I honestly can’t figure out why it happens, but I have a server script, that fires a remote event to all clients containing a players name and other information, it gets picked up by a local script in a gui where the local script uses this information to edit some stuff on all the players screen. But no matter what I try it always just effects the players whose name is in the remote event. Am I missing something about how remote events work? Is me putting the players name in the remote event making it only send to that player even though I’m using FireAllClients()?

That is very strange, FireAllClients() should fire for all clients whatever arguments you put in. What happens if you send the player’s name instead of the player itself?

Just tried and no change, I’m going to test to see if maybe all clients are receiving it and that it might be something to do with the code instead.

Oh okay, turns out all clients are receiving the remote event, but one of the other pieces of information that it is sending turns up as ‘nil’ for all the other clients.