Am I Not Monetizing Properly?


I’m the creator of Strucid, which is usually on the second front page throughout the day. However, on the top earning charts, I am earning less than a lot of games that have far fewer players (1/2 or 1/3 as many). What can I do to improve my monetization?

Here is the link to my game if you have not played it yet.


You might consider implementing some custom analytics into your game. Then you can do some experiments to determine if changing the prices/progression rate/etc can raise your average daily revenue. Iirc there was another post on the Dev forums that had a great how-to written about it, or maybe it was the wiki. Either way good luck with the game!


I mean, the only particular thing I know about your main menu is that space ar deploys your character, which is a nice little feature, but I don’t personally mess around in the menu.

If other players are similar, then they will likely skip things like your shop and loadouts (which I didn’t really know about til my last play session)

Granted, I don’t play all that much.Maybe once or twice a week at most.


Looking at the game briefly, I want to say that your prices might be set too high, and you lack redirects to your monetization streams.

For example, I open the cases menu and don’t have any cases. It says “You don’t have any cases. Buy them in the shop!”; give me a button that takes me right to that screen! Make it as easy as possible for me to give you my money, don’t make me search for it. Then, when I get to the shop for cases, I don’t have coins. Instead of just giving a *buzz* for when I try to purchase it, offer me the ability to outright buy a case with robux, or at automatically open a dialog to direct me towards buying coins because I don’t have enough.

Likewise, maybe add a + button next to the currency count that takes me to this page too. People shouldn’t have to search for this stuff through multiple menus.

Then, in terms of pricing, your denomination of sales are 100R, 300R, 350R, 450R, 750R, 900R, 1200R, 1500R on the robux only assets. For a single hat accessory you are required to pay 100R - 900R. For the cheapest case, it is 66R if buying coins.

Lets compare that to Phantom Forces: Tier V cases (highest tier) cost a total of 75R (50R + 25R) for case + key; the lowest tier is 15R (10R + 5R). Likewise, a majority of the credit purchase options are in small values: 10R, 20R, 50R, 150R.

Their barrier to entry for purchases is much lower; making people much more comfortable in throwing loose cash into a gamble because ‘hey why not, its only 10R’. …then do it again, and again. Spending a couple hundred robux across many small purchases stings a lot less than one big payment.

I truly think you aren’t making as much as you are expecting because not enough people aren’t willing to dole out $20USD for a shiny pickaxe or $1USD per case. You can still have money holes for whales to burn their cash on, but you still need smaller options for cheaper users.

Side note, for continuity ‘Cases’ should become ‘CASES’ on the main UI. You may also want to make the character more prevalent and centered in the shop to show a live preview of accessories instead of forcing shoppers to click a ‘Preview’ button.

Its 4:04AM on a school day and I’m helping review monetization practices on ROBLOX…nice


Could be due to how the menu UI is set up. It’s not bad, although a lot of players aren’t going to pay a lot of money for an in-game item either. Would definitely work on your prices and try improving on the shop UI a bit.

Also, the server I was in had a fly hacker.



Here are a few things I’ve noticed about Strucid that may discourage players from paying:

  1. Higher Price gap: Lots of the dev products are really expensive. Eg. The Value Pack and stuff, and this may just discourage the players from dealing with payments at all.

  2. The menu is hard to navigate on the first-try: Many elements in the main menu are hard to understand, players are not even noticing many different options and what you can do. Keeping the menu buttons more unique, or self-explanatory (perhaps through using images rather than text buttons) can encourage players to check out all the different elements of the store.

There are tons of ideas I have that I’d love to share privately to boost up the sense of buying and a sort of native “road” or engrained procedure for players to follow throughout the game that gets them to buy stuff here and there. In the end you should really test things out through trial and error to get to know what the community is really willing to pay for.


Thank you for writing this at 4:40 AM on a school day lol. I’ll definitely do some experimenting.

  1. I’ll change the prices for the dev products next week and see where that takes us.

  2. Oof, always though the menu was easy to navigate(prob because I made it xd) but I guess not.


Oh to elaborate, it may seem simple and easy to follow, but nothing cries for attention. Giving each of the buttons a different shade, or redesigning it so people go after the different buttons would help. Rn its parallel, the same color, at the bottom of the screen, etc.


I was hoping for color consistency throughout the UI so that that shade of green always indicated a button.