Am I The Only One Having This Problem?


am i just dumb or this thing won’t somehow work?
(oh btw i did the EXACT same with another pet, and it worked perfectly)

All I did is insert a script in the pet model then wrote this :


For some reason the anim isn’t playing.
I did the exact same thing with another pet and it worked perfectly as I mentionned above.

Okay nvm i think i got it (not sure, testing right now)

Does the new pet have a child called Animations and a child of that called Movement?

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Yeah I always make sure of that but idk why it doesn’t work

But I think i just got it

is the script inside a humanoid?

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no it’s not, its just in the pet model

No errors in the ouput? . . . . . .

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Animation Controller doesn’t need humanoid, but does need Motor6d.

nope, no errors

char eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I guess i’ll just make the pet again guys

haha i love my life

Edit: it worked…