Amateur Game Designer doing free work for Portfolio (CLOSED)

About Me

Hey I’m N_RS a Amateur Game Designer I started developing on Roblox for a while time on and off but just begun doing it part time and now I am ready to expand my work experience.

Work needed for Portfolio

Hey I’m looking to do free game design gigs to create some experiences for my portfolio. I will provide you with in-depth analysis needed within each consideration of a game. I will be putting examples of my work experience on Game Design I’ve made for people those who’ve requested them. Eventually this will be a paid service.


I am available for two to three hours of work on the weekdays, and am available for four to seven hours on weekends. You can contact me any time and I am very quick at responding.


Currently I’m doing all of this for free just to display work but soon I will charge what’s worth my work.


You can contact me on the DevForum website or message me on roblox via N_RS or on discord Minace#8180

Thanks for reading my post feel free to contact me.

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Can I see some examples of your work?

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That’s why he’s putting his portfolio out - he needs to get some jobs and do some work to add to the portfolio the future.

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I’ve developed for website’s such as BPRewritten and RubyRealms but in terms of Roblox work I’m currently leading Zeitaku Hotel’s a 3000 USD Project and I’ve worked on games such as Nintendo NY and Bloxy Village (Coming out soon)

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Exactly I do have a bit of things to put onto the portfolio but it’s not enough therefore I need some more work on roblox to be done.

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As a Game Designer - what services in particular can you offer?

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What is it you actually do? Saying game designer isn’t really helpful. Do you plan the layout of the game, etc.

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I will work on any type of Game Design things you need for example if you need mechanics for a car racing game I would work on a document for those including power ups and different types of boosts for a good amount of time and if you needed prices for ranks I would be able to make a list of every price at a reasonable cost countered with the perks.

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is this offer still avaliable?

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This offer will be reopened temporarily, feel free to contact me but I am only willing to do medium - large sized projects. I will make this work free but only for a small duration in order to gain enough experience in the Roblox Industry please feel free to message me on roblox.

Apologies, due to popular demand I’ve linked a discord account you can contact me with via Minace#8180 in case it’s easier for some people to contact me there.

Hello again! I plan on closing my services after tomorrow so this is your last opportunity to send me a dm since I’ve secured enough projects to do, I hope that I can build my portfolio with this work and thank you for sharing with me your amazing ideas and concepts, this was great everyone and this is the last time I’m opening it up for free ever.
I hope you have a great day! and check out my services while it’s still here for free at least

Can you do some work of me? Preferably something lemon themed? (:slight_smile:

Feel free to send me a message on discord Minace#8180 or shoot me a message with more details :slight_smile: !